Shark Cats - Portraits of Terror

Hey folks, quick announcement! If you've been following my work online then I'm sure know about Shark Cats. You also probably know that I've been compiling them into a calendar for 2015! Well they are just about ready and I am offering this calendar for preorder to get a head start in time for the holidays and New Year! 

This is a desk calendar measuring 5.5x4.65 in. It features full color printing on heavy weight paper and comes packaged inside a hard plastic jewel case, perfect for displaying on your desk! Each month is laid out with a different species of Shark Cat. 

Example of layouts

Preordered calendars include a signed, mini giclée print of the Helicoprion Cat! (5.5x4.65in) While not technically a shark, the extinct helicoprion is characterized by it's unique spiral toothed mouth. It's been long been considered to be one of the more iconic of extinct shark-like fish so I've decided to depict it.

Helicoprion Cat

Here are a few images of some of the species included: 

This preorder ends November 1st! If you'd like to preorder the calendar head on over to my store!