Endeavor Vol. 2

I wanted to throw up a quick post about Endeavor Vol. 2! The book is shaping up nicely and I am still in the process of formatting pages. I'm looking to open preorders for the book by mid-May.

The preordered books will come with a free print and there will also be an option to bundle Vol. 2 with Vol. 1! Keep an eye out for more updates. Subscribers to my email list will receive notification first about when preorders are open. If you're like to subscribe, you can do so here

Draw Dinovember

Hey folks! Quick update to share some dinosaur sketches I've been producing in between things. The month of November is about drawing dinosaurs, apparently. The rumor started on twitter and a few of us have had some fun drawing, painting and sculpting dinosaurs.

Styracosaurus - SOLD

It's been a great exercise in learning more about their anatomy and behaviors. I'm having a great time and look forward to more drawing during the month! If you want to participate, be sure to use the hashtag, #DrawDinovember so we can all see your work! Thanks and have fun! 




Pumpkin Spice

"I saw old Autumn in the misty morn
Stand shadowless like silence, listening
To silence, for no lonely bird would sing
Into his hollow ear from woods forlorn"
-Thomas Hood

Old Autumn, Pencil, gouache & digital. 

New painting for the Month of Fear blog. It's a collective of artists that create work for the month of October with each piece being centered around a theme. This was a bit of an experiment for me. I've been working in gouache lately and usually focus on figures with no backgrounds. I decided I'd try out more of a complete scene this time around. 

Scan of original pencil and photo of original painting.

Shark Cats

Lately I've been wanting to brush up on my gouache skills. I've always really admired the medium and I used to work almost exclusively in watercolor when I was younger. I tend to like a theme when I practice technique. It helps keep me focused on just the tools and not to much the concept or composition. 

Shark week has come and gone but I remember sitting down to sketch some sharks. I was super inspired by my Drink & Draw friend, J.P. Vine and his incredible paintings of different sharks. I was excited to draw some of my own! I'm not sure what was up that day, but I was having a terrible time. Things just weren't working and I couldn't get the sharks to look the way I wanted them to. I remembered that I had yet to warm up for a bit so I grabbed a sketchpad and began to doodle to loosen up. What came out was little scribbles of a horrible little creature: the Shark Cat.

The initial design was based on the thresher shark. I found that the short face and extremely large eyes worked well with the cat aesthetic. However, as I kept sketching, I noticed that almost any shark species could be adapted.

I had found my theme. Lately I've been working to paint more sketches of the Shark Cat variety. The Shark Cat above isn't really focused on any sort of species but it was my first little painting of one. In my more recent drawings of the creatures, I've been looking to reference of sharks to really represent the different species. It's been so much fun as they are such a diverse and amazing group! 

Here are the Mako and Lemon Shark Cats I've just completed. I took these poses from the initial doodles I did when I first started. They are common poses I've seen my cat(s) take from time to time and are pretty iconic of cats. 

working cover

The Shark Cats have been really popular online so far and I'm really excited to share the others I've come up with since these last two. I'm going to compile them into a small desktop calendar (and probably a larger wall calendar) for 2015. I'll have the calendars ready by the end of October. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll be the first to know when they are available. You can subscribe here, if you're interested. Otherwise, watch this space and my social media accounts for when they go on sale. I will also have them available at CTN this November. :) 

Little Sand Runners

I've recently updated The Red Valley Newsletter with some scribbles. Little Sand Runners are on the drawing board these days. I've been sketching them everywhere, trying to pinpoint their design. It's been lots of fun sketching run cycles and motions as I'd imagine they'd be quite agile and fast. 

These little sand runners will most likely inhabit the Gul Dunes, toward the northern reaches of The Red Valley. I really like the idea of mouth display in which individuals might have territorial disputes by flashing their brightly colored mouths. 

A few things are clear: Their forepaws are modified with one large toenail, used for digging and for striking other individuals over food or territory. Smaller toes aid in holding food and onto each other. Their back legs are large and muscular to propel them forward. Wide padded feet keep them on top of the sand and are equipped with large claws for defense. They are smallish, about the size of a small rabbit and so are very timid and quick to react to most things. They'd be lots of fun to animate! 

In any case, they are coming along nicely and I'm hoping to combine them along with a sural in a new piece soon. 


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