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It's been a busy summer so far and it's looking like it will be an eventful fall as well! There will be lots to share in the coming months. For now, I've put up a mini workshop I put together. This lesson will show how I build up an anatomical study from wire frame gesture to final drawing. I’ll show how I break the skeleton down into planar shapes to better draw it as a 3D object, attach the musculature to the bone, use animal reference for creature design and I how use these principles to better understand the anatomy of a creature. I cover basic photoshop techniques and how I use them to edit and manipulate my work. Inside you’ll find notes and observations on drawing techniques as well as design principles.

Inside the ZIP file you’ll receive a 25 page PDF workshop with written notes, diagrams, images and menu screenshots. You’ll also receive a 300dpi PSD file of lion anatomy diagrams; both the side views and the ¾ view. The PSD file contains all of my original gestures and work that builds up to the final line drawing.

You can find the workshop here:

LCAD Creature Design Student Work

It's been a whirlwind of a summer. As fall rolls around, things are leveling out a bit. As you might know, I have been teaching an online creature design course with LCAD, Game Art department. It's been a lovely experience. My first class with LCAD this last Spring was a great group. A lot of the students improved quite a bit with drawing animals and working on their concepts. It was very encouraging and rewarding to see such a great group of concepts at the end of the course. I wanted to showcase a few that I received in my inbox below. I've listed each student's name and website below in case you'd like to check out more of their work. Please click on the images below to view larger. 

Leostrix by James Bear :

Brachyurilla by Ian Joseph Diaz:

Damien the Manticore by Kial Fukuda :

The Mexican Chupacabra by Megan Tompkins :

Striped Cuttleshark by Nicholas Williams :

The Faux Phoenix by Donna Vu : 

More updates again soon. 

Animal & Creature Drawing


It's back to school for me. I'm excited to announce that I am teaching a course in Animal & Creature Drawing at Laguna College of Art + Design. I started class about two weeks ago and let me say, It's been an extreme refreshment in animal anatomy.

Go To Books

Go To Books

Nothing like teaching to really make you learn like crazy. We've been visiting a lot of different anatomical studies lately, starting with the horse. I think if there's any animal every artist, illustrator or designer should learn to draw, it's the horse. Everyone I know has had to draw one at least once, for something. They are a huge part of human history and civilization. I've been breaking down the skeleton and muscle systems these last couple weeks and it's been eye-opening to say the least. 



It's always amazing how similar vertebrates are to each other. Comparing human anatomy is a natural way to help understand the different systems and how they work and are put together. It's fascinating how these seemingly complex systems can actually be pretty simple once you break it down. Completing these anatomy diagrams have been huge for me.

Muscle Overlays

Muscle Overlays

For as much as I draw animals and creatures everyday, nothing beats practicing the basics. I'm finding that I understand how things are put together better the more I draw these diagrams and study where things connect. It's been fun and enlightening and I am very much looking forward to learning right along side my students this semester. 

Happy Holidays!

Just a quick update to say Happy Holidays and a Lovely New Year! It's been an interesting year with lots of ups and downs. All in all, it was a good one. I'm very much looking forward to a fun and productive 2015! 


I'm starting my year in Viborg, Denmark where I will be teaching creature design at The Animation Workshop. I co-taught this course with the lovely Sydney Padua last year and had an amazing time. The first week of this course focuses on design and the principles of creature design with regards to animation. This year I'll be teaching with Christopher Antoniou! I'm very much looking forward to seeing friends and meeting the students! 

Here are a few final projects from last year. Needless to say, I am very proud of that whole class. There were so many great finals and I wish I could post them all (these are what I could find online) but enjoy these for now! Do check out the students channels for more work and links to their websites. 

A quadruped animation of a creature I designed with the amazing Michelle Erdmann. I did the animation, she did the rig, the fur (!!), the rendering, the compositing, basicly everything else ! Michelle´s blog :

"The Greater Magnificent Armor Beast" This is a school assignment I've been working on for 10 weeks at the Animation Workshop. I did the character design in cooperation with two animators who were on my team, then I sculpted the creature in Zbrush, retopologized and rigged in Maya, textured, shaded, and integrated it into the live action scene. The wonderful animation was done by Agnete Winther (

Here is the somewhat final video from my latest 3D-project at The Animation Workshop. We were tasked with creating a four-legged animal and composite it into an life action sequence after our animators had animated it. Might return to it later.

Project Quadruped final animations and compositing!
I did the model in zbrush and maya, and continued to rig and shade it while Lasse animated. Towards the end of the project, I gained a bonus animator.

Design is done by Sabine Pedersen, Simon Dilling and me. We are all three students at the Animation Workshop in Denmark. Animation is by me and modelling, rigging, skinning, composition and etc. is by Simon Dilling.

Final comp of my 3D creature integrated into a 2D background. This was a tough challenge, but really fun.