Calvin left us today. It was painless and peaceful. He was gently put down in our home, where he's lived since he was less than a year old. He was still young and had an aggressive and incurable oral cancer. Rambunctious, fearless, curious and passionate, this cat embodied the spirit of the boy Watterson illustrated in his comics.

Me and Calvin spent hours together. Everyday for four years, I'd go to work in my living room with him by my side. He was there when I got my first client. He sat with me through my hardest jobs and my most favorite jobs. When I was up at 4am, finishing a deadline, I could count on Calvin to be there through the night shift. I'd always have him to bring me joy.

Working as an freelancer can be a lonely gig. It seems a lot of illustrators, designers and artists have cats and/or other animal companions. They keep things lighthearted and fun. They're not serious. They don't give a damn about your creative block or whatever it is your working on. They bring you back down to reality and remind you to play.

Today was hard. I've lost my loyal studio mate, one of my biggest inspirations and my dearest companion. Goodbye my lovely friend and thank you. You were always there to make us laugh. You were there for our worst and our best. I'll never forget you and you'll always be my big tiger kitty, my "Calvin Man".

-Friday, August 15th 2014