Okotto, Nago, Beautiful and Strong.

Nago was beautiful and strong. 

This month I had the absolute pleasure to exhibit alongside nine other artists at a Miyazaki Tribute show! It was hosted by Chris Koehler and Joe Ching at Sketchpad Gallery in San Francisco. 

Of course, how do you choose a Miyazaki world to depict? I have a few favorites but when there are giant boars to paint, I'm going to head there first. I decided I'd illustrate Nago from Princess Mononoke in his peaceful form, before he lost himself. I produced two original pieces in the creation of this illustration; a pencil and a painting.

The pencils I use tend to be on the softer side and don't do well with lots of painting over top, especially on a painting this detailed. So instead, once the pencil is finished, I scan it in and reprint it as a giclee print on hot press watercolor paper. This way, I can preserve my pencil work underneath the gouache. 

I tend to layer quite a bit with gouache, staining and building up values slowly. Overall, this piece took about 3-4 days to complete. I am still breaking into the world of gouache but I am quite happy with how this turned out.  

The final image measures 9x12 and is gouache on hot press watercolor paper. This piece will be on display at Sketchpad gallery for the remainder of the month. To inquire about seeing the show, contact Sketchpad on Facebook. 

Special thanks to Chris Koehler and Joe Ching at Sketchpad Gallery, Luke Harrington and Craig Drake for organizing the show and the other artists who contributed such beautiful and inspired work. It was an absolute pleasure to work with all of you. 

Huge thanks to the fans and patrons who came out in terrible weather to see our work! You all rock and are the reason stuff like this happens. 

Read a feature on The Verge about the opening and to see other works from the other amazing artists in the show! Stay tuned for more updates and for a first look into designing the radish spirits for the show! 


It's been a while since I've been able to update! I've been busy with Shark Cat orders and a few other projects that are under wraps at the moment. I did want to quickly share a new piece I completed last month for a local show. 

Muad'Dib, Teacher of Boys - Visions of Arrakis show - Pencil & Gouache

Muad'Dib, Teacher of Boys - Visions of Arrakis show - Pencil & Gouache

I had the pleasure of being included in a show that focused on the science fiction classic, Dune. Visions of Arrakis features work from an amazing list of artists and was coordinated by Justin DeVine. For my piece, I focused on a small creature that eventually becomes the chosen name of our hero, Paul. The Muad'Dib is a small hopping mouse that inhabits Arrakis. There's not too much  of a description of this creature's appearance in the book. There's debate about whether or not the mouse is a native species or something imported by the Fremen. I imagined it as the later but perhaps adapted a bit. I decided to create an original piece to hang in the show. I created the image above with pencil and gouache. I've included a small time-lapse of my working below. I thought it was fun. :) 

The show is still up at Bergeron's Books and if you're in the Oakland area, I highly recommend checking it out.