Happy Holidays!

Just a quick update to say Happy Holidays and a Lovely New Year! It's been an interesting year with lots of ups and downs. All in all, it was a good one. I'm very much looking forward to a fun and productive 2015! 


I'm starting my year in Viborg, Denmark where I will be teaching creature design at The Animation Workshop. I co-taught this course with the lovely Sydney Padua last year and had an amazing time. The first week of this course focuses on design and the principles of creature design with regards to animation. This year I'll be teaching with Christopher Antoniou! I'm very much looking forward to seeing friends and meeting the students! 

Here are a few final projects from last year. Needless to say, I am very proud of that whole class. There were so many great finals and I wish I could post them all (these are what I could find online) but enjoy these for now! Do check out the students channels for more work and links to their websites. 

A quadruped animation of a creature I designed with the amazing Michelle Erdmann. I did the animation, she did the rig, the fur (!!), the rendering, the compositing, basicly everything else ! Michelle´s blog : http://kidkhat.tumblr.com/

"The Greater Magnificent Armor Beast" This is a school assignment I've been working on for 10 weeks at the Animation Workshop. I did the character design in cooperation with two animators who were on my team, then I sculpted the creature in Zbrush, retopologized and rigged in Maya, textured, shaded, and integrated it into the live action scene. The wonderful animation was done by Agnete Winther (http://agnetemalthawinther.blogspot.dk/).

Here is the somewhat final video from my latest 3D-project at The Animation Workshop. We were tasked with creating a four-legged animal and composite it into an life action sequence after our animators had animated it. Might return to it later.

Project Quadruped final animations and compositing!
I did the model in zbrush and maya, and continued to rig and shade it while Lasse animated. Towards the end of the project, I gained a bonus animator.

Design is done by Sabine Pedersen, Simon Dilling and me. We are all three students at the Animation Workshop in Denmark. Animation is by me and modelling, rigging, skinning, composition and etc. is by Simon Dilling.

Final comp of my 3D creature integrated into a 2D background. This was a tough challenge, but really fun.