Digital Drawing for Science & Fantasy

It's been a busy summer so far and it's looking like it will be an eventful fall as well! There will be lots to share in the coming months. For now, I've put up a mini workshop I put together. This lesson will show how I build up an anatomical study from wire frame gesture to final drawing. I’ll show how I break the skeleton down into planar shapes to better draw it as a 3D object, attach the musculature to the bone, use animal reference for creature design and I how use these principles to better understand the anatomy of a creature. I cover basic photoshop techniques and how I use them to edit and manipulate my work. Inside you’ll find notes and observations on drawing techniques as well as design principles.

Inside the ZIP file you’ll receive a 25 page PDF workshop with written notes, diagrams, images and menu screenshots. You’ll also receive a 300dpi PSD file of lion anatomy diagrams; both the side views and the ¾ view. The PSD file contains all of my original gestures and work that builds up to the final line drawing.

You can find the workshop here:

Creature Design Notes - Pinterest Smashup Exercise

When I sit down to work, I tend to warm up by sketching around a bit. If you follow my work, you might be aware of my Tea & Creatures project and I've talked about the importance of warming up before. I thought I'd share a fun exercise that I employ often when I need to warm up quickly and don't have lots of time to spend looking for ideas. 

I'm sure everyone knows what Pinterest is at this point but in case you don't, Pinterest is an organized image bookmarking website. You can bookmark or "pin" images of anything into customized groups called "boards". I find it quite useful for gathering inspirational images, recipes, and gift ideas - it works for many different facets of life. One thing I really enjoy pinning is animal reference. Because these images are seldom high resolution, they aren't really suitable for intensive reference. However, they are great for ideas, inspiration and quick reference! My board, What Inspires Me Most, contains images from science and nature with about 97% of it being animals. I tend to pin images when I'm drinking tea in the morning, at lunch, or when I'm riding the bus - anytime I have a spare moment. 

This particular board isn't really separated into different groups or kingdoms of animals, they are all just sort of tossed together. I did this on purpose. What I end up with is a collage of all different sorts of animal images, right next to one another. It really shows you the differences and the similarities between species at random. It can be fun to just scroll through every now and then.

How does this relate to warming up? I've found that when I just doodle, there's a tendency to incorporate some of the same traits into my designs. I'll always go for forward facing eyes and a leathery hide. It's what I like the most and I think all artists have certain "pieces" of subjects they like to draw over and over.

I use Pinterest to give me a fresh set of traits. It not only switches things up aesthetically, it keeps things exciting and challenging. It's almost like slots. Scroll down on your mouse fast and where ever the webpage lands, pick a few animals in that space and smash them together! I've sketched out two creature portraits below. This can easily be done with quick head concepts like these or full body concepts as well. You can see this particular set of animals came up:

What's fun about keeping your animal reference board sort of unorganized is that you begin to pull from different families and groups of animals for your design. For example, you could combine different birds with fish or reptiles with all sorts of mammals. It begins to open things up and you can begin to find ideas quickly. In the image above you can see four highlighted pins - a mammal, an amphibian and two birds.

You can see I pulled a lot from the tiger in terms of facial structure. I liked the cheek waddle on the pheasant and the cockatoo feather display so I incorporated those into the design. The poison dart frog inspired the color choice and application a bit as well. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.55.29 PM.png

Here's another example. you can see I pulled a lot from the turtle in terms of head structure. The iguana played into the neck spines and the rams horns showed up too. The creature's coloration was inspired heavily by the cassowary. 

Smashing up different animals is essentially the essence of what creature design is. You're taking what you know about the natural world and using those traits to create something new and exciting. Using Pinterest is a quick and convenient way to collect inspiration to help fuel new ideas and warmups. Give it a try! It's a lot of fun and a good challenge. 

Little Sand Runners

I've recently updated The Red Valley Newsletter with some scribbles. Little Sand Runners are on the drawing board these days. I've been sketching them everywhere, trying to pinpoint their design. It's been lots of fun sketching run cycles and motions as I'd imagine they'd be quite agile and fast. 

These little sand runners will most likely inhabit the Gul Dunes, toward the northern reaches of The Red Valley. I really like the idea of mouth display in which individuals might have territorial disputes by flashing their brightly colored mouths. 

A few things are clear: Their forepaws are modified with one large toenail, used for digging and for striking other individuals over food or territory. Smaller toes aid in holding food and onto each other. Their back legs are large and muscular to propel them forward. Wide padded feet keep them on top of the sand and are equipped with large claws for defense. They are smallish, about the size of a small rabbit and so are very timid and quick to react to most things. They'd be lots of fun to animate! 

In any case, they are coming along nicely and I'm hoping to combine them along with a sural in a new piece soon. 


If you'd like to stay updated with The Red Valley, you can visit the website, here

More updates are on the way! 

Here be a Dragon

The daily sketch event, Monster Month, has come to a close. It was so much fun to participate when I could. The final prompt was to draw a dragon so here's my contribution. 

In other news, I'm thinking I might open up a sketch sale this month. I don't tend to sell a lot of originals online so I will have a few drawings up in my store later this month. Stay tuned!