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In Spring 2018, I was approached by Walter Parkes and the team behind MIB International to concept a large variety of aliens for the film. I was involved in preproduction for just under a month and designed and iterated on a variety of different designs. Below you’ll find some of the work I contributed and a bit about the process. Special thanks to the MIB team!

Baby Alien

In the film, a little alien narrowly escapes the MIB with the help of Molly, one of our main characters played by Tessa Thompson. This little alien is furry, feathery and very cute and I was given the task of designing him. Before he was cute and fuzzy, I was told to treat him like an alien pet or companion, keeping him similar to a dog or monkey. The start of this character is much different than how he ended up looking in the film. I was given a look at the adult version of who this character would end up being so from there, it was working backwards to find the baby version. Below, you’ll find the process of iterating on the character as well as explorations on age.


And this is where our little guy ended up! I would have loved to explore more of this little guy but preproduction was very fast and I was stretched across many characters. He turned out pretty cute and looks great in the film. I'm very proud of how this little one turned out and to see him brought to life on screen. The team behind the CG, models and animation did an incredible job realizing him further and finalizing the design.


This little alien is one of the co stars Agent M (Tessa Thompson) and Agent H (Chris Hemsworth). He's got the ability to become a chess piece and has a sarcastic and demanding attitude. This character was one that I only briefly touched as he was very much designed before I came on to the production. Michael Kutsche had the design pretty much nailed down. I received his piece of concept art and a request to iterate on the design in a couple different directions.

My understanding of the character was a larger than life, bossy, little alien who was battle ready all the time. These were my three contributions to the character pool for Pawny. I was definitely channeling a bit of Marvin the Martian for these. I am so happy they went with Michael's design, I thought it was perfect.

Alien Immigrants

I was asked to explore a variety of aliens that would be passing through MIB headquarters as tourists and immigrants. This was a very open ended prompt so I explored a variety of body plans and ideas loosely.

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Alien Pets

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